• Ensure that a full team is ready at the scheduled match start time to play in the correct ranking order; otherwise, your team may lose points if a match cannot be finished due to court time constraint.  See rule 9 of the General Rules section.

  • Report match results.  Refer to Results Reporting section.

  • When playing at your home club you must ensure that::

  • Courts have been booked correctly

  • Two new balls, score pads and pencils are provided

  • Post-game refreshments and snacks venue is organized

  • The other team captain is contacted ahead of time if there are any issues with the match or your team is not participating in hosting.  As most teams expect to be hosted, it is common courtesy to advise if that is not the case.

  • Check email regularly for pertinent information from League Administrator

  • In the event that the captain is not playing, another team member must be appointed to act as captain for that match (report results, etc.)


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