League Rules


LEAGUE PARTICIPATION: All players that participate in the Edmonton Squash League must be a member of a Squash facility that has current status as an Affiliated Club of the Edmonton Squash League.


LEVELS OF PLAY: Teams are recommended to enter levels following guidelines set out by the Edmonton Squash League (ESL) as stated on the League Registration Poster.  Individual players are responsible for ensuring that they play at the appropriate level.  The ESL reserves the right to approve all team entries.


TEAM ROSTER: Teams must be made up a minimum of 6 players.  New players may be added to or removed from a team at any time during the ESL season at any position.  Any roster changes must be reported to VP League in order to take effect and may not result in a team having less than the 5 player minimum.  New players must be paid-up members of both Squash Alberta and the ESL.  Players can register on-line by going to the Squash Alberta Website at: www.squashalberta.com.


SQUASH ALBERTA & ESL MEMBERSHIP DUES: All players must be current paid-up members of Squash Alberta and the Edmonton Squash League.  No exception to this rule will be allowed – a significant liability issue may exist otherwise.  Team captains are responsible for enforcement of this rule – no player may participate in an Edmonton Squash League match without having paid their required membership fees.  The team will not be credited with any points earned by a player who has not paid the required dues.  No Pay, No Play!


NIGHTS OF PLAY: The general League schedule with respect to nights of play is:

Tuesday (even levels) Mixed Levels 2, 4 and 6, Women’s Level 2
Wednesday (odd levels) Mixed Levels 3, 5 and 7, Women’s Level 3
Thursday Mixed Level 1, Women’s Level 1


As much as possible, the League will schedule matches on the designated night of play of each level.  However, due to limited court availability at the various clubs some matches may be scheduled for a different night of the week.  Captains should take note of which matches her/his team do not play on the usual night of the week and plan the team’s playing schedule appropriately.


RULES AND SCORING: All league matches are scored using the Point a Rally Scoring (PARS) system. Mixed’s Level 1 and Mixed Level 2 use PARS to 11 and all other levels use PARS to 15.  All matches should be officiated by players from both teams not currently playing their match.  The home team is responsible for providing balls (new or almost new) and marking materials.


OFFICIAL BALL: The official ball in all levels of play is the Dunlop Revelation Pro XX (double yellow dot) ball.


RESCHEDULING OF MATCHES: Matches are to be played when and where scheduled – no rescheduling of matches is permitted except in extraordinary circumstances.  In the event that a match is not played at its allotted time and the span is greater than 1 week, players will be unable to enter scores and must contact VP League.


FIELDING TEAMS: Teams-based match play requires that both teams have four eligible players available to play a best 3 out of 5 games match at the scheduled start time of the match.  Play commences with the two corresponding lowest ranked players (position 3 & 4 start followed by positions 1 & 2) unless alternatives are agreed upon by both teams.  Any player who is scheduled to play that night who is not at court-side changed and ready to play at the scheduled start time is considered to be late. If a match at a position cannot be finished due to time constraint, the team that has a late player will lose the match regardless of the score of that match.  If both teams have late players or if both teams’ players were all on time then the match will be entered as a partial match score, counting only the completed games. 

For example:

  • If Team A has a late player and the position 2 match has to be stopped at 2-1 in favour of the Team A player, the match would be recorded as a 3-2 win for the Team B player (4 points for Team B, 2 points for Team A) because Team A has a late player.

  • If both Team A and Team B has late players or if both teams’ players all were on time and the position 2 match has to be stopped at 2-1 in favour of the Team A player, the match would be recorded as an uncompleted match with a score of 2-1 (2 points for Team A and 1 point for Team B).  In this case, neither team would receive the bonus point for winning the match because the match is incomplete.


LENGTH OF MATCHES: Due to strict closing times at several interclub facilities (YMCA), teams must make every effort to complete matches at all four positions within the allotted court times.  Matches that run over the allotted court times may be completed on any free courts at the same club while the club is still open.  Otherwise, teams must respect the court bookings of other players (whether they are Interclub players or not) and vacate the court when asked to do so.  Maximize the use of the limited court times.  Make sure matches start on time with no more than 5 minutes for the warm-up!


PLAYING OUT OF ORDER: Any team that plays out of ranked order will be penalized – all team members that are playing out of order will receive no points.  Enforcement of this rule in results reporting is dependant upon team captains to accurately report results – other teams rely on you to ensure that they are not wrongly affected by the way you report match results.


VERIFICATION OF RESULTS: It is strongly recommended that both team captains verify the results of each week’s match.  Players can view results, statistics and more by going to the ESL website and click on the “League Standings” link.  Results are to be reported within 1 week of the scheduled time after which the system will not allow you to enter the scores of that week.  Contact the VP League to report scores that are older than one week or to correct an already entered score.  Reporting of late scores and/or score corrections must be done within 2 weeks of the match date.


AFTER GAME SOCIALIZING : The Edmonton Squash League has long supported the tradition of league participants socializing or hosting after the competition has been completed.  Home teams are encouraged to host the visiting team by finding or suggesting a location for after-match socializing.  The following are guidelines for post competition socializing that teams should adhere to:

  • The home team should take the initiative to organize the after-match social – find a good location and pre-order food and drinks if necessary.

  • Costs are shared by all who participate in the after-match social.

  • Post-match socializing should not be an all night affair.  It is up to the individual players on both teams to decide how long to stay to socialize after the match.

  • Please drink responsibly.  Do not drink and drive!


JUNIOR PLAYERS AND EYEWEAR: It is mandatory that all juniors in the league (18 years or under) wear certified eye protection.  Any junior player observed playing without the proper eye protection will be asked to leave the court.  Her/his team will be assessed a default at that position, along with any other penalties that results from the default.  Team captains are responsible for ensuring compliance with this rule.  Eye protection is recommended for all players.



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