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All league players must pay their ESL and Squash AB membership dues before playing their first league match.  Your membership dues are paid through Squash AB's website.


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2019-2020 SQUASH SEASON:


The Edmonton Squash League (ESL) is currently open for team registrations for the upcoming season.



CAPTAINS MEETING:  Wed Oct 9th location to be forwarded

LEAGUE START DATES:  October 15, 16, 17

PLAYOFF WEEKEND:  Saturday April 25, 2020

TEAM ENTRY DEADLINE:  Friday Sept 27, 2019


NIGHTS OF PLAY:  We will endeavour to have even divisions mostly Tuesday nights (ML2, ML4, ML6 and WL2); Odd divisions mostly Wed nights (ML3, ML5, ML7 and WL3) and Level 1 on Thursday nights.  But all levels need to be prepared for other nights of play including Monday, Thursday and Saturdays. This is all based on the court availability given to us by the clubs.


REGISTRATION DEADLINE FOR TEAMS: Friday Sept 27, 2019.  After this date, we can no longer add any teams as they will be sent to our scheduler to make the schedule for the season, but we can add players to teams at any point during the season.


CLUB MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS:  it is a requirement from all the clubs that are currently participating in the ESL, that anyone playing on their teams must be a valid and up to date member of their facility, for at minimum, the length of the season which is mid October to end of April.  Punch cards,  passes or paying drop in fees are not acceptable as it is impossible for the front desk staff to try and keep track of who has to pay and who doesn’t.  For UofA teams, players must be members of the UofA Squash Club and have a valid Van Vliet pass. 


LEAGUE DUES:  League dues must be paid before you play your first league match.  The Squash Alberta membership is $53 for an adult plus the ESL dues are $130 so your total league dues will be $183 for the season.   You must pay your Squash Alberta membership first.  Many players had theirs automatically renewed in July, so most have already paid the SQ AB.  You can tell by looking into your profile under If so, then you just need to click on the link below to pay your ESL dues or login to Club Locker and under Tournaments is the ESL Registration tab.  If you have any issues with payment or login, please contact Ken Cross at SQ AB:  877-646-6566 during business hours.


TEAM REGISTRATION FORM: to be completed for Mixed Divisions Only.  Emails are mandatory.  Where there are waiting lists of players, teams must have a minimum of 6 players.  Team registration deadline is Friday Sept 27, 2019.


PLAYERS LOOKING FOR A TEAM:  If you are a single player looking for a team to play on, please send me an email with what level you want to play, what club(s) you are willing to join or play out of.  Remember that you must join the club of the team you are playing on.  Below is a list of who to contact for teams at various clubs:



TEAMS LOOKING FOR PLAYERS:  If your team is looking for players, please let me know as I will have a number of single players looking for teams at various clubs.  For Edmonton Squash Club, please see Jeff Williams at   For Royal Glenora Club, please contact Pete Goodings at


PARTICIPATING CLUBS: Edmonton Squash Club, Garrison Fitness Centre, Glen Allen Rec Centre (Sherwood Park), Jamie Platz YMCA (west end), William Lutsky YMCA (south side), Royal Glenora Club, Terrace Fitness & Racquet Club and University of Alberta