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Teams should arrive to a match with a ranking of their players in mind. Teams should give strong consideration to the ratings found for each player in Club Locker. In all cases, all teams should endeavor to field a team that observes the spirit of the ranking system and matches players as fairly as possible.


All teams are encouraged to have a group of four players available for every league match, but the league recognizes that substitutions will be occasionally required.

  • All Subs must be Squash Alberta Members.

  • Subs must come from a division below and will play in the #4 position.

  • For WL and ML4 teams, subs may come from different teams within the same division. These subs should play as close to possible to the position they play on their own team. 

  • Non-ESL subs can be used if they are member of Squash Alberta. **Non-ESL subs can play twice in the ESL without paying ESL dues.


Anyone interested in subbing should make their contact info visible in club locker.

  1. Go to your profile

  2. Edit your profile

  3. Go to "Contacts" and ensure info is up to date

  4. Go to "Preferences" and ensure email and/or phone numbers are 'shown' 


For each position, the team is awarded one point for each game won and one point for winning the match at that position.  For example, if a player from Team A beats the corresponding ranked player from Team B 3-1, then the Team A player scores 4 points and the Team B player scores 1 point.  The maximum number of points a team can score in one night is 16 (winning all 4 matches). 

Individual games should should be entered into Club Locker as games to 11 to ensure players ratings are accurately adjusted. Using the club locker "Preset Scores" will easily do this automatically. 


Any dispute regarding any league matches, late players, unsportsmanlike conduct and awarding of points must be submitted in written form to the league – such as an email to one of the league executives.  The league executives will make every effort to resolve the dispute in a fair and equitable manner.  The final ruling made by the league on any dispute is considered to be final and not subject to appeal.

Any special requests, including those that violate league rules, may be made to the executive committee in written form.  The executives will discuss and vote on the request.  The decision of the executives will be final and not subject to appeal.

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