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Please see the Squash Alberta website for both singles and doubles squash rules, as well as an overview of the game. Click hereAll league players are expected to assist with officiating each match day. If you are new, or need a refresher, sign up for the Club Referee Course. 


The primary role of the referee in squash is to make sure the game is fair and safe. Those two factors are mentioned in the Rules of Squash before it even gets into the actual rules. As a ref, you should always strive for these two things above all else. Also, no referee should ever be subjected to abuse or disrespect. If you ever feel that as a ref you are being treated in this way, do not hesitate to use the Code of Conduct. The ESL will back you up on this.


Announce the score. Examples:

  • Player A has 2 points and Player B has 2 points 

    • Correct: 2 All

    • Incorrect: 2-2, 2 serving 2, 2 together

  • Player A needs 1 more point to win the game

    • Correct: Score then “Game Ball”

    • Incorrect: Possible game

  • Player B needs 1 more point to win the match

    • Correct: Score then “Match Ball”

    • Incorrect: Possible Match, or game ball/match ball   

Call outs, downs, not ups, etc. Out is touching the line in squash.

You only need to say which service box if asked or you see the player is unsure.  It should not be announced every rally.


The referee makes the final call. If the scorekeeper sees the ball in and the referee clearly sees the ball was out, the call goes to the referee. You do not replay the point because the 2 were not in agreement.

The referee bases the call on what they see and should not be influenced by the peanut gallery.  The peanut gallery should remain silent. You are likely seeing things at a different angle.



Player A thinks that Player B has hit the ball out. The following is correct:

Player A puts his/her index finger up to signify they thought it was out and continues playing. Then if:

  • The ref saw that it was out, stops play then awards Player A the point.

  • The ref saw that it was in and allows play to continue. When the rally is over, the ref tells player A that all balls were good.

  • The ref did not see or is unsure and allows the play to continue.  If Player A wins the rally it is moot and Player A gets the point. If Player B wins the rally the ref indicates that he/she were unsure and the rally is replayed.



For the 2023/24 ESL season, we will be awarding points for taking this course and the test. The course is $35 and will take about 90 minutes to complete. Each team will receive 1 point for each player that completes the course on or before February 29th, 2024, to a maximum of 5 points per team. No retroactive points will be awarded, but if you have already taken the course you can get a point for your team by volunteering and refereeing 5 games at a Squash Alberta Tournament before February 29th, 2024. Junior tournaments are acceptable.

You can find the course by going to Squash Canada: Singles Officiating Program: Click on "Become a Certified Club Referee"

Once you have completed the course, take a screenshot and send it to Gwynne Bykowski. Gwynne know of your intention and completion of tournament refereeing for your point.  

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