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Team Captains' Duties

  • Ensure that a full team is ready at the scheduled match start time to play in the correct ranking order; otherwise, your team may lose points if a match cannot be finished due to court time constraint. See rule 9 of the General Rules section.

  • Report match results. Refer to Results Reporting section.

  • Add subs to your team in club locker prior to the match so the matches / scores can be reported.​

  • Check email regularly for pertinent information from League Administrator

  • Ensure your team is aware of expectations as hosts or visitors (see below).

  • In the event that the captain is not playing, another team member must be appointed to act as captain for that match (report results, etc.)

Home Team / Host Team Expectations

When playing at your home club, you are responsible for the other team. The hosting team must ensure that:

  • Courts have been booked correctly

  • Two new balls, score pads and pencils are provided

  • The visiting team knows where to go to change, and have access to the changing rooms.

  • ESL encourages the host team to organize a place for socializing after the matches for both teams to go. 

  • The other team captain is contacted ahead of time if there are any issues with the match or your team is not participating in hosting.  As most teams expect to be hosted, it is common courtesy to advise if that is not the case.

Visiting Team Expectations

The privilege of playing at different clubs is the basis of our competitive play in the ESL. Players going to visiting clubs on behalf of the Edmonton Squash League, must:

  • Always check in with the front desk and sign into the ESL log book  (spectators, spouses, kids, etc. DO NOT sign in on the ESL sheet).

  • Be respectful, patient and obliging to the home clubs’ requests and rules. Remember that each facility will have different rules for access.  Understand that you are a guest and conduct yourself accordingly.

  • Bring a towel if/as required. There is no towel service at Glen Allan. RGC, ESC and YMCA’s have towels available for league players.

Additional Royal Glenora Club Expectations

Registered players on the ESL schedule are the only ones permitted to sign in through the ESL process with the Royal Glenora Club. ESL players who are not members of the RGC are not permitted to bring guests.

ESL players who are not members of the RGC may request a temporary FOB from the team at Member Services when you sign in. This FOB will provide you with access to the adult locker rooms at the Royal Glenora Club. Please ensure that the FOB is returned at the end of your visit, if not there will be a charge of $20 per un-returned FOB.

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